Metrika is an investment fund operating in the commercial real estate segment that owns and manages A+/A and B+ class offices.
Metrica Metrica
Metrica Metrica
Metrika Investments
Metrika Investments owns A+/A and B+ class offices in the centre of Moscow, is engaged in the operational management of assets and aims to extend its portfolio through acquisition of new ready-to-use areas and implementation of its own development projects.
Metrika’s assets demonstrate strong growth potential in terms of capitalization and investment attractiveness due to steady cash flows from tenants, well-known foreign and Russian companies, with an excellent credit score and a preference for long-term partnerships.
Development business
Metrika implements its own development projects using the best modern global practices in office space development, with the aid of leading Western and Russian architecture firms, designers and general contractors.

All business parks undergo mandatory certification in accordance with LEED and BREEAM standards both at the design and construction stages and during the management of the buildings.
ROSSIUM, a multidisciplinary, diversified holding company that operates in a wide range of industries, and is among the top-50 Russian businesses in terms of capital size, is the company’s major equity holder.
Strategis goal
Strategis goal of ROSSIUM is to create an attractive liquid asset portfolio, to ensure sustainable growth of shareholder value and to provide efficient asset management.
Long-term strategy
ROSSIUM’s long-term strategy includes plans to increase the core capital of PJSC Credit Bank of Moscow by capitalising the Bank’s retained earnings and to invest funds into acquisition of new businesses which are likely to provide a high shareholder value growth at a 3-to-5-year horizon.