New tenant in ART Gallery Business Park

Metrika Investments and PROFMETALL have signed a long-term lease agreement for 10 years for 825 sq.m of shell&core office space in ART Gallery Business Park.

 The company plans to use the space to expand and accommodate its headquarters in the new office.

PROFMETALL has been involved in metalworking for over 10 years. Through active development, the company has established and strengthened its strong position in the domestic market of building materials. Constant expansion of production, improvement of equipment and continuous improvement of product quality standards allows the company to develop actively and to offer its future partners cooperation on the most mutually beneficial terms.

Alexei Tarasov, General Director of PROFMETALL:

"Our decision is based on economic efficiency and at the same time the desire to stay in comfortable conditions in the original location, which is important for our customers, partners and employees. Office expansion always entails, as a rule, additional costs and often short-term disruptions for employees - in this case we minimize these risks and provide the business with a "seamless" relocation and expansion. Our company is focused on long-term development and in addition to comfort of office location. Relationship with the landlord is also very important for us, and the Metrika Investments team fully provides it.

Daniil Tkachenko, Leasing Director of Metrika Investments:

"We are grateful to PROFMETALL for the accommodation in ART Gallery Business Park. The main goal of the tenant was to replace the current office and at the same time expand the space preserving the quality and level of the business center in the long term. I am sure we were able to offer the best solution for our client.

Most employers want to create a comfortable office environment, and currently it is not only accessibility with good quality public areas finishing, but also an opportunity for employees to save time on personal tasks, doing them almost "from the comfort of the office". Together with the catering facilities in ART Gallery Business Park, there is a consumer services center, fitness center, language school, and grocery, health food and convenience goods stores, which allow our residents to work in comfort while doing a wide range of tasks while actually being at work.

Metrika Investments welcomes PROFMETALL to ART Gallery Business Park and is confident that the new office will create a favorable environment for employees and the best possible experience for the company's clients.

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